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Specs & Copyright:

  • For piano solo: one player. Sheet music, pdf, piano, score.
  • Level: For intermediate and advanced piano players alike.
  • This piece is perfect for advanced pianists and a nice challenge for intermediate pianists looking for an inspiring and motivating piece with plenty of room for individual expression.



  • By purchasing this digital copy you are allowed to print this score once for personal use and/or studying purposes.
  • To perform or record this piece please contact Julián Fueyo at
  • Sharing this file or its content in any way, shape, or form without Julián Fueyo Gonzalez's consent (the sole author of this work, a.k.a. Julián Fueyo) is strictly prohibited. For further inquiries please message Julián Fueyo.

Constellation of Future Memories: Sheet Music (PDF) — One player — piano score

  • Ever wondered why we make a wish upon a shooting star?


    Deep in the tapestry of the cosmos lies a constellation with all our future memories. Clustered like stars, our memories await us until they flash at us from the sky, igniting echoes of our deepest desires. Desire, from the Latin ‘de sidere’; meaning ‘from (the) stars’. We call them ‘shooting stars,’ but more than stars, they’re messengers from our future memories.


    I hope this composition provides you with a space for contemplation, allowing you to explore the nature of your desires and future goals—the ones that come to you when you look at the night sky and remember where we and everything we are to become, come from.

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