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The  Eleventh  Heaven   (full orchestra)


"My music fundamentally explores ancient aesthetics and their place in our rapid-changing, contemporary culture. Referencing ancient art and literature (pre-hispanic and Roman), my works investigate idealization, historicism, memory, and transcendence by juxtaposing current and ancient understandings.

"These subjects often take the form of extensive, vectorial phrases that puzzle together to create overarching structures akin to processional architecture (mausoleums, temples, pyramids). With an emphasis in line, melody often lingers in the form of harmony etching vertical sound-masses into relief. Although distant from the ‘minimalist’ tradition, repetition takes a special significance in my music, both as a cyclical device and as a symbol reminiscent of epic literature, ritual, and prayer.

"At the individual level, my music is most concerned with our need to communicate through emotion and intuition in order to connect with greater truths: that is, to connect with each other".





"[...] the piece blazes into a cosmic

tempest until it has no more room to

grow and is finally consumed in

an explosion of silence."

-- Lisa deBenedictis


  • Orchestra (1)
    • El Onceavo Cielo / The Eleventh Heaven (2018) - 10 minutes Orchestration: 2+picc.3.2+Ebcl.2 / 4.3.2+btbn.1 / 4perc / / str
  • Concerto (1)
    • Serpiente de Turqesas for Violin and Orchestra (2019) - 20 minutes Orchestration: 2+picc.1.2 / 0.1.2+btbn.1 / 3perc / / str
  • Large Ensemble (7 or more players) (1)
    • Somnium da Profética (2018) - 9 minutes Orchestration: 4tpt(C).2tb+btb.tba / 4prec
  • Chamber (2-6 players) (4)
    • Zafiro (2015) - 7:30 minutes Instrumentation: violin & piano • Notturno (2016) - 6 minutes Instrumentation: • Lágrimas de Cristal (2017) - 5 minutes Instrumentation: • Variations for Trombone and Tuba (2017) - 6 minutes
  • Voice(s) (2)
    • Cantica Gelidæ (2019) - 6 minutes For voice (Bass or Soprano) and electronics • Tres Canciones (2016) - 9 minutes Instrumentation: 2 sopranos, mezo-soprano, guitar
  • Electroacoustic (1)
    • Cantica Gelidæ (2019) - 6 minutes For voice (Bass or Soprano) and electronics
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