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"I wrote Lagoon of Forgotten Dreams as I reminisced on the sunsets of my childhood. Sitting by the shore next to the Chairel Lagoon in my hometown of Tampico, Mexico, my friends and I would talk about our dreams and aspirations. Blue crabs (the city's beloved mascot) scuttled around, the mangroves danced to the evening breeze, and ducks graced the scene.


I hope this composition provides you with a space for contemplation, allowing you to explore the nature of your dreams—both the ones that visit your mind during sleep and the aspirations that fill your thoughts when you're awake."

Lagoon of Forgotten Dreams (2023): Score

    • Easy on the hands and great for a relaxing or meditative afternoon at the piano.
    • Great for beginners and advanced piano players alike, with plenty of room for individual expression.
    • Sharing this file in any way, shape, or form without Julián Fueyo Gonzalez's consent (the sole author of this work, a.k.a. Julián Fueyo) is strictly prohibited. For further inquiries please message Julián Fueyo.
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