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  • For piano solo.
  • Level: Great for beginners and advanced piano players alike, with plenty of room for individual expression.
  • Great for training contrapuntal sensibilities and hand independence.
  • Easy on the hands and great for a relaxing or meditative afternoon at the piano.



  • By purchasing this digital copy you are allowed to print this score once for personal use and/or studying purposes.
  • To perform or record this piece please contact Julián Fueyo at
  • Sharing this file or its content in any way, shape, or form without Julián Fueyo Gonzalez's consent (the sole author of this work, a.k.a. Julián Fueyo) is strictly prohibited. For further inquiries please message Julián Fueyo.

Faun's Riddle: Score

  • Life is a labyrinth... an unfolding riddle no one knows the answer to.


    In modernity, we often have the illusion that there is little to no mystery surrounding our daily lives. The truth is that, despite the advances in Science, life is surrounded by mystery. From why are we in this rock floating around the Sun, life is a great riddle no one knows the answer to.


    I hope this composition helps you cultivate a love for the mysterious, as it is a fundamental aspect of our existence.

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