Projections I.


Full Orchestra (pgs. 13-34)

Projections I.   (for piano solo)

NOV. 2015

About the piece:

Projections I. is a piece commissioned by, dedicated, and written for Arseniy Gusev: a dear friend and great musical mind. The piece explores the refraction, reflection, and projections (in the mathematical sense) of musical materials.

It seems to me that emotions have a lot in common with mathematical projections. In fact, I believe emotions are, themselves, projections: projections of everything that comes into contact with our psyche. It is this idea and my desire to explore it musically that motivated me to write this piece, hence the title.

Such ideas/mechanisms (refraction, reflection, and projection) are investigated contrapuntally in the polyphony of the piece. This is most obvious in the series of canons and imitation passages throughout the piece which begins in monophony and ends in a three-voice canon of the same melody as in the beginning.


      piano solo